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Many times, it is difficult to find or understand what spiritual counseling provides. It is the hope of MCP to share the basics of ethical spiritual counseling on this page. As a precursor, within ethical Christian counseling, each person is respected and shown dignity. Each person has the option of what therapeutic model is best for them. If an individual chooses to begin their therapeutic journey and does not want faith-based counseling, professional therapy will be provided without any religious pressures. This includes any possible religious affiliations of the therapist. The focus of therapy is each client’s personal and specific needs.

What does Spiritual work look like in therapy?

Opening safety to explore all walks of faith

Non judgment and ethical grounds to find internal peace

Navigating where to grow your spiritual belief system to guide decisions of life


What therapy looks like?

Exploring grand themes of healing, forgiveness, building compassion

Guidance in the impact of spirituality in everyday dilemmas


Why Therapy?

Safety to understand, move through and build a better self in relationship to the environment and this community

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