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Wellness is possible even during COVID-19. However, it can be hard accessing the services you need during times like this. Below is a roadmap to help you understand the steps involved in receiving counseling or psychiatric services online at MCP.


Anxiety, in and of itself, serves a natural purpose in our lives. It reminds us to look both ways before crossing the street or to study for an upcoming final. But sometimes anxiety can become overwhelming, making it difficult to know how to react or cope in healthy, productive ways. Almost everyone goes through periods of increased stress and anxiety, and there are a variety of factors that can cause or contribute to your anxiety symptoms. Many of us aren’t taught how to give ourselves a break or see our situation from a larger perspective, and it can be difficult to learn how to observe our thoughts and emotions instead of being wrapped up in them.




Many times, it is difficult to find or understand what Christian counseling provides. It is the hope of MCP to share the basics of ethical Christian counseling on this page. As a precursor, within ethical Christian counseling, each person is respected and shown dignity. Each person has the option of what therapeutic model is best for them. If an individual chooses to begin their therapeutic journey and does not want faith-based counseling, professional therapy will be provided without any religious pressures. This includes any possible religious affiliations of the therapist. The focus of therapy is each client’s personal and specific needs.


Dealing with stress? Need help to get your life back on track? Stress is the body’s natural response to challenging or dangerous situations. It triggers your “fight or flight” response, causing your body to produce more cortisol and adrenaline to give you the extra push to do what you must. In some cases, it can save your life while in others it encourages you to succeed at a presentation, exam, job interview, etc.


MCP has been working with children and adults that struggle with ADHD and other mental health concerns in many capacities for over ten years. We help children, their parents, and adults learn strategies for managing the struggles associated with ADHD, implementing treatments that may include learning self-soothing skills, organizational skills, managing activity levels, learning how to socialize with others, mindfulness training, learning about emotions and how to interact with these emotions.


Do certain images, sounds or thoughts trigger traumatic memories that make it difficult for you to have a healthy and happy life? Are you constantly on edge, worried the fear, pain, and distress you are experiencing will never end? Do you logically know that you didn’t cause or deserve what happened, but your emotions aren’t letting you feel that way? Maybe you have survived a car wreck, violent crime or physical or sexual abuse. Perhaps you experience physical symptoms such as tension, difficulty breathing or a racing heartbeat, or you shut down emotionally and physically as your mind replays the memory of the traumatic experience. 


A child would not be a child if they did not occasionally display unruly or defiant behaviors due to hunger, fatigue or simply an inability to communicate. When a child is continually “acting out” or inadequately reacts to everyday situations, however, it could be a sign of a behavioral disorder. As trained specialists in behavioral disorders, the MCP providers are committed to helping parents get the help their children need.


Disordered eating is a serious condition that disrupts an individual’s regular eating habits. It is characterized by eating too much or too little, accompanied by excessive concerns about one’s weight and body image. It often stems from or co-occurs with depression, anxiety disorders, or substance abuse.

Infidelity Counseling & First Steps

Why reach out?

We meet couples where pain has been created and Trust broken

Whether an affair was just discovered or its being re-triggered, we will catch you where you are


What does therapy look like?

Creating a safe space

Understanding your partner’s pain

Leaning in and allowing healing to happen between partners

Continue to build a bond that provides safety and security


Why Therapy?

It is safe here! We will give compassion and warmth, no judgement

You won’t be alone in navigating the confusion and pain

Guiding you to find healing

Family Counseling

Why reach out?

Problems are systemic. It doesn’t just affect one person. It affects the whole system

MCP will help to manage and alter, help and heal generational wounds

Better ways to work together through conflict


What does therapy look like?

We have the ability weather in person or online, to add as many members necessary to mediate communication and understanding that will elicit healing

Safety set up and allowed the whole process


Why Therapy?

Leaning into trained therapist to provide positive plan to healing

Find strength in reconnecting the family system again!

Marriage & Couples Counseling

When to start marriage counseling and why?

We will catch you at all stages of your marriage from newly married to 50 years married

To address conflict resolution

Understand best communication

Learn about how Family of Origin/System affects current actions, dances and patterns


What does therapy look like?

Both parties are heard, both learn how to hear one another

Safety created to address issues at hand

Learn how to love your partner


Why Therapy?

It is never too late to understand your partner

Investment of a marriage is an ongoing process

Premarital Counseling​

Dating, newly engaged, needing to know if you are ready for marriage?


What therapy looks like?

An MCP Therapist can walk you through assessing compatibility, addressing roles and rules, evaluating Family of Origin, discussing of finances, children/parenting, how to handle the unexpected of illness or unemployment, and even talk about sexuality and even spirituality

Safe space to address conflict resolution, tools to lean in and not forget how to maintain coupleship

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