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Pornography is a word that in itself strikes an emotional response in many people. Many have experienced the sorrow that comes with a pornography addiction. For some, it began in childhood and has been something they have carried because they are afraid of the reaction they will receive from their social groups and loved ones. Others are in despair, feeling completely overcome and hopeless as they believe they are unlovable and unable to overcome an addiction that has over-taken their life. On the other hand, there are those who have spouses and loved ones who suffer from pornography addiction, and there may be unnecessary feelings of worthlessness or doubt about one’s self that comes with this. There is hope for anyone who is seeking relief from addiction.

At Magnolia Counseling of Pearland, we have specially trained and certified staff that are here to help you, no matter how addiction has affected you. We understand how much it hurts to fight against pornography whether you are addicted or someone you love is. We are here to lighten your burden and bring you real help.

MCP is a safe place for you to talk with someone who wants to help you. The conversations we have will be focused on helping you feel a renewed hope as you begin the process of a new life of recovery from pornography addiction. Our discussions will remain private, the people we speak to will be the people you agree for us to talk to. Sometimes we may make suggestions as to who you should talk to, but that choice will be yours when you are ready.



Here at MCP, we take a holistic approach to pornography addiction that takes each individuals circumstance into mind. Four areas we look at that may be unique for each person is well stated in a Neurofeedback training blog post by Heather Coleman, LCSW (


 1. Supporting Biochemical Changes

2. Nervous System Regulation And Managing Stress

3. Identifying Underlying Trauma

4. Finding Meaning And Peak Performance

Supporting Biochemical changes is a way of saying we help you change your daily habits and life in a way that enables you to live a life of recovery from pornography addiction, it is the way we work with you to set you up for success. This could include changing where a computer is located, finding a support group, exercise, eating nutritious meals, or even taking yoga classes. We work with you to create new habits that support your recovery.


Nervous System Regulation And Managing Stress is the process of helping your brain transition back into its healthy and happy self. During a pornography addiction, the brain has come to rely on something that is unnecessary and harmful to you. We talk with you so that we can understand your unique circumstance and then we are here to guide you through a stressful time in your life and prepare you to enjoy meaningful and healthy relationships with your spouse and loved ones.

Identifying Underlying Trauma is taking a look at why a pornography addiction occurred in the first place. Many times it started as curiosity, but that is often not why it stayed. Recovery Ranch explained this directly as follows (

Most porn addicts suffer from underlying emotional or psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem. Over time they learn to use sexual imagery not for pleasure, but as a way to dissociate from the uncomfortable feelings brought on by their underlying issues and difficult situations. Eventually, pornography becomes the default response for dealing with life stressors and unpleasant emotions and circumstances.

Since every individual who walks through our doors has a unique circumstance, we want to make sure we help you understand yourself and get you to a happy place in your life. Often this means we will help you become stronger by recognizing and treating other issues that may relate to why pornography has taken up such a large part of your life.


Finding meaning and peak performance is realizing that working on the barrier of pornography in your life opens your life up to more meaningful relationships in work, school, and family. Where pornography may have been the defining trait in your life, that may be replaced with excitement in your job, more passion and love for your spouse, more excellent performance in school, or more fun and tender moments with your children. Without Pornography controlling your life, you are left with the freedom to explore and experience a more beautiful life.

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